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The mission of  the Kuntu Village Nkosohen Committee-USA is to help Kuntu villagers develop in education and self-sufficiency. "Nkosohen" (or Nkosohene) is the Fante word for "Development Chief".   Most villagers are sea salt gatherers, farmers or market traders and earn little more than $1.50 a day. Over 90% of Kuntu adults are illiterate and cannot read or write.  We, alone, cannot solve the problems of poverty and illiteracy in Kuntu.  We help Kuntu help themselves.  The logo of KVNC-USA is the Adinkra symbol "Boa me na me mboa wo" which translates "Help me and I will help you". You, too, can help by donating to KVNC-USA.

Education will prepare Kuntu youth to help themselves and help Kuntu.  In Ghana senior high school, SHS, is not free and the cost is out-of-reach for most Kuntu families.  Since 2005, the Nkosohen Scholarship program has paid SHS fees for over 100 Kuntu youth.  We have also helped 18 SHS graduates continue to college.

Your donation of $450 will be used for an SHS scholarship for a needy Kuntu youth; a donation of $500 will be used for a college scholarship.  But donations of any amount are needed and appreciated.  All donations, regardless of amount, are gratefully acknowledged with receipts for tax purposes.  KVNC-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with IRS EIN 11-3657354 eligible for tax-exempt public support. 

Kuntu Village Nkosohen Committee-USA

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