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Kuntu is a small village of about 1500 adults and children located on an Atlantic Ocean beach in the Central Region of Ghana near Cape Coast.  The nearest town is Saltpond.  The main occupations in the village are sea salt gathering, fishing, subsistence farming and market trading.  The average income is about $1.50 USD per day.  The village is headed by the village chief, Nana Kwesi Brebo III assisted by the queen mother, Nana Obo Montoa II, from the royal Nsona family.  Village civil matters are governed by the village chief and queen mother with the assistance of village sub-chiefs and elders.  There are also 3 squatter communities of fishermen on the Kuntu beach.  There are over 3000 residents in these sub-villages but they are not Kuntu citizens. 

Most villagers only speak the Fante native language and cannot read or write.  Kuntu Village Nkosohen Committee-USA has focused on education to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in Kuntu.

Kuntu Leadership

Chief of Kuntu
Nana Kwesi Brebo III,
Nsona Royal Family

Queen Mother of Kuntu
Nana Obo Montoa II
, Nsona Royal Family

Sub Chiefs
Nana Otuakwa Amoesi IV, Odamna clan
Nana Owuedzi Abban V, Anona clan
Nana Beedu II, Twidan clan
Nana Kokoa II, (Queen Mother)Twidan clan
Nana Kwame Baffoe II, Nsona family
(a.k.a. Dr. Perry Kirklin, Nkosohen of Kuntu)

Nana Segu, Chief of Hinii (Kuntu sub-village), ex-officio sub-chief of Kuntu

Ebusuapanyin Kobina Edamadzie, Nsona Head of Family