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Nurse Clinic and Other KVNC-USA Projects

Education and self-sufficiency are the primary mission of KVNC-USA.  However, we also try to meet other village needs.  We began, with help from Bucks County Links and DOD shipping , by donating books, school supplies, school furniture and computers to Kuntu.  In 2007 we responded to a shortage of safe drinking water.  In 2008 we obtained surgery for a young boy with a serious cleft palate.  In 2008 and 2009, the graduated scholars painted the Kuntu primary and nursery school buildings which had not been painted for 50 years.  In 2014, a full-time live-in community nurse clinic was commissioned in Kuntu

Kuntu Community Nurse Clinic

Health care was a major problem in Kuntu.   Malaria is very common and "taken for granted".   Mothers need pre-natal, birthing and early childhood care. Minor injuries are commonly not treated.  Villagers need education in family planning, contraception, safe sex, sanitation, nutrition and other health issues. Kuntu is over 2 miles from the main road and about 10 miles to the nearest hospital in Saltpond.  Since no one in the village owns a car, in case of serious injury or illness, it is necessary to call for an ambulance or taxi from Saltpond.  In August 2013, with KVNC seed money, using communal labor and Kuntu craftsman, workers and management, land was cleared and foundation poured for a planned nurse clinc.

Clinic Construction Committee

Communal labor to clear site

Libations and blessing

Digging for the foundation

Molding cement blocks

Pouring concrete for footings

In February 2014, Mr. Hayfron, the Mfantseman district chief executive, said that they would construct a complete clinic with nurse quarters.  The village will use the foundation begun in 2013 for another purpose.

On 6 December 2014, the Kuntu community nurse clinic was commissioned, 2 live-in community nurses were posted and although under equipped, the nurses moved-in and opened the clinic for business.  Bucks County Links donated $3000 for basic clinic equipment and supplies.  The clinic is managed by a 5-person Kuntu committee headed by Queen Mother, Nana Obo Montoa II.  Villagers pay for services with their universal health insurance cards.  Part of the income is returned to the community for necessary supplies and other expenses.