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In 2009, KVNC-USA asked some of the graduated Nkosohen scholars to act as mentors and student teacher-aides to help in the Kuntu schools.  With guidance from Mr. John Craymah, a Kuntu primary school teacher, Benjamin Ampiah, Joseph Craymah, Janet Intsiful and Charles Osam-Pinakoh began mentoring and tutoring Kuntu primary school students.  The student teachers receive a small monthly stipend.

The student teacher program has become a very successful program. The student teachers are also becoming active village leaders.  John Appiah teaches in the Kuntu JHS and is my barber.


Joseph Craymah taught in the Kuntu Primary School.  Janet Intsiful helped in the Kuntu nursery and kindergarten. Hannah Osam-Pinankoh took charge of the Kuntu nursery in 2010 when the government abruptly stopped supporting the nursery program.  The Kuntu nursery is now the Nana Baffoe Nursery.

Currently, Gifty and Veronica Arthur teach the nursery and kindergarten children in the Baffoe Nursery.