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Kuntu is much like a small rural town in America 50 years ago.  They still follow many of the customs and traditions of their past.  They want to preserve their culture but they know that they must adapt to today's education, job preparation, health care, etc.  Villagers, especially the young, are at a disadvantage to their urban peers.  Nana Kwesi Brebo III, chief of Kuntu, and the village leaders believe that education is the key to the development of Kuntu village.  The Kuntu Village Nkosohen Committee-USA is committed to help the villagers in their development and they appreciate all of the help that is given.  There are many ways to help. All donations are tax-deductible and are recognized with a receipt for tax purposes.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with IRS ID: EIN 11-3657354.

Kuntu Nkosohen Scholar Program

The Kuntu Nkosohen Scholar scheme has had a significant impact on Kuntu youth, their family, and Kuntu village.  Donations are used for scholarships for the top Kuntu Junior High School (JHS) students to attend senior high school (SHS).  Can you or your organization sponsor a scholarship for a student to attend SHS @ $450 per year?  If your company or organization has a charitable foundation, if necessary, we can also help write a proposal for a corporate donation.

For more information: click  here or email  info@ghanavillage.org


200 @ $35 for Kuntu

We are all volunteers in KVNC-USA. No one receives remuneration and KVNC-USA assumes  responsibility for all shortfalls and overhead costs.  All of our projects are under-funded.  School fees are substantially higher than the $450 sponsor donation. For many who want to help, $450 is a lot of money.  To continue to meet our commitment to Kuntu, we need many small donations.   We have a very optimistic goal to raise $7000 with 200 donations of $35.00.  Hopefully, you will respond on seeing this post and/or pass it along to your friends and organizations.  You may also receive this appeal by email or letter.  If you are already a supporter your donation has been gratefully acknowledged.  Me da wo ase pii (# I give you thanks many)!!  If you cannot help financially, we appreciate moral support and may you be blessed.  We will update the 200 @ $35 for Kuntu drive on the home page on a regular basis.

You can also donate by mail:

 Kuntu Village Nkosohen Committee-USA

5534 Grey Hawk Lane

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 Phone: 863-816-8285